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Every time you shave, a moustache dies

Movember is upon us and I thought I’d share this video by Dublin based comedy rock band Dead Cat Bounce. They were guests of honour at my cousin’s wedding last month, the redhead was best man. For more on the campaign, which raises money and awareness for and of testicular and prostate cancer, visit the website here.

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When Amy Came To Dingle

This week, it was at last confirmed that Amy Winehouse, who died last August, had done so as a result of massive alcohol poisoning. The following short documentary was aired in Ireland about a month ago and features a small gig Winehouse did in a town called Dingle, on the Westernmost tip of Europe.

The presenter is none other than my favourite Irish DJ, Annie Mac and the stripped down style of the music shows Amy at her very best, just before she became one of the most famous, and hunted, women in the world. Between songs, snippets of the interview she did after the gig are both fascinating and tragic, given the downward spiral her life went into almost immediately afterwards.

It is worth nothing that, since her death, her final album Back to Black has become the bestselling British record of the 21st century.

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Who knew Lady Gaga could actually sing?

I had always thought that, like Madonna or David Bowie, Lady Gaga was one of those unusual artists who had managed to by-pass the level of ordinary pop star and enter the realms of true mega star without the essential ingredient of a particularly impressive voice.

Up to this point, she has relied heavily on her personality, her notably impressive stage performance and those 8-minute-long videos.

However, this recent collaboration with jazz legend Tony Bennett shows off an impressive singing voice. Have a listen:

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Hey, I know her!

Since my new flat doesn’t have internet yet, I’ve been woefully behind-the-times when it comes to the latest internet memes and fads. This would not usually bother me until I realised my parents were more clued-in than I was. Unacceptable.

My mother (I know) sent me this earlier in the week. It’s a great clip and of particular interest to me as the blonde girl, Rebecca Winckworth, is an old friend of mine.

For those of you not hugely into rugby, Josef Schmidt is the current coach of Leinster rugby who brought them to victory at this year’s Heineken Cup.

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Ed Sheeran – ginger warbler of your dreams

People of a red-haired persuasion always seem to have a knack of keeping a watchful third eye on their fellow gingers. The famous ones, the infamous ones, the successful ones and the ones who’ve failed. The upcoming ones, also. My friend Ailsa was ranting and raving about one Ed Sheeran when I went to see her in Edinburgh during the Fringe Festival, which has just ended.

I thought he was a comedian, but when I looked him up, I realised he’s a singer and that I’d seen him before in the first video below. He’s pretty up-and-coming, as far as my brief internet scouring tells me. I have a feeling “A Team” will be a soundtrack to my first winter in London.

And he also did a fantastic cover of one of my favourite songs, Skinny Love, originally by Bon Iver and also covered by Birdy.

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Cultural moments that remind me of my father

Today is the 42nd anniversary of the end of Woodstock, the great 3-day rock extravaganza, regarded by many to be a pivotal ‘moment’ in the history of modern music. Co-incidentally, today I was walking home listening to one of my favourite songs, which was performed for the first time at Woodstock.

A cover of the original Beatles tune, Joe Cocker’s rendition of I’ll Get By (With A Little Help From My Friends) was always the first and last song to be played in the car with my father when we used to drive up and down, to and from, my boarding school when I was young.

It’s probably one of the best live performances of any song ever done.

I was actually speaking to my father earlier on today, mostly about ‘real life’ in London. I was moaning about the godawful cruelty of a 9-6 working day and he began explaining to me the fact that, while it takes some getting used to, eventually it becomes incredibly easy. So easy, in fact, that you forget it was ever difficult in the first place. He sounded a little bit like Michael Gambon in one of my favourite scenes from any movie.

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Amy, Amy, Amy


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Four Chord Songs

It’s August and the Edinburgh Festival is in full swing. Unfortunately/perhaps fortunately for me, I am now working full time in London whilst the vast majority of my friends from university are getting their party on. This has led to them having a somewhat more interesting start to the weekend than me:

However, this isn’t the only reason I wish I could be in Edinburgh just now. The Festival is famous for showcasing world-class comic talent and my friend Ailsa, for whom this is the 5th Festival season, knows absolutely EVERY act playing. Meaning, I would probably have met these guys, Axis of Awesome:

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Volkswagen make music!

One of my favourite films growing up was Big with Tom Hanks. The movie contained one of my all time favourite scenes and probably one of Hanks’ most famous – the FAO Schwartz giant piano scene:

As you can imagine, it has since been a dream of mine to find one such giant piano and play on it. These are the kinds of dreams you rarely think about realising because, let’s face it, it’s just not going to happen. Then Volkswagen gets involved…

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Advertising WIN!

I haven’t really the time or inclination to explain to non-British Isles readers who Jedward are, but I’ve kindly linked you to their Wikipedia page so you can research it for yourselves.

What I will say is that they’re so bad they’re good and they may have been a  love/hate Marmite pair but now they’re representing Ireland in the Eurovision song contest (which is tonight) and I think most of the country is standing firmly behind them. So much so, it would seem, that I was sent this absolutely brilliant ad from today’s paper.

I’m attending a Eurovision party tonight and my friend and I are going as Jedward. I’m looking forward to it far too much.

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