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The latest beauty secret!


Last October, I blogged these photos of famous women whose photographs had been altered using the Adobe graphics editing software Photoshop.

Here, a bunch of laugh merchants go to town on the way the program is often used and abused:


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Kenneth Grange & Hampstead Theatre

The good thing about being a young professional in London is that, if you know the right people, you can be end-of-the-month poor half way through the month, yet still find oozing-with-cool events to keep you occupied until the money comes back in and you can start spending again. But you must know the right people.

Like my friend Jake who took me to the Design Gallery’s new exhibition on Kenneth Grange. You’ve probably never heard of him, but he has designed all of the following things:

TX1 London taxi

Morphy Richards

Imperial typewriter

Venner parking meter

Bendix washing machine

Intercity 125

And, probably his most famous creation:

Kodak Instamatic

We ate dinner afterwards at the Blueprint Cafe next door and then there was then an open Q&A with the designer himself, hosted by Hugh Pearman, editor of the RIBA Journal.

The night after this, I was sitting behind Emma Thomson at the opening night of No Naughty Bits at Hampstead Theatre. I hadn’t paid for a ticket, indeed I hadn’t known anything about it until just after lunch that afternoon when my friend Betsy rang me to tell me what I was doing that evening. And (marvel of marvels) there was an open bar afterwards. Which goes to show – sometimes it really is all about who you know.

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I prefer his older stuff…

These recent works by Banksy were brought to my attention by a friend. I hadn’t actually seen anything new by him in a good while. Take a look.

This one is my favourite, though:

In that note, I’m off to see if I can pre-book tickets to this.

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Amy, Amy, Amy


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Alan Coulson

I have now moved to London and recently popped into the National Portrait Gallery to see the BP Portrait Award show. There were plenty of stunning pieces but one that really caught my eye and my imagination was this one by Andy Coulson:


Behold, some of his other work:










My friend, the artist Joshua Waterhouse‘s work is rather similar – check it out!

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Richard Phillips turns Lindsay Lohan into a true star

A good friend of mine was just offered an internship at one of the prestigious Gagosian Galleries in London. It looks like one of the many impressive pieces she’ll get to see up-close will be artist Richard Phillips portrait of Lindsay Lohan.

Rather than being a photographic portrait, his is a filmed portrait of the Hollywood star composed of several extremely romantic, and indeed erotic, shots. The 98-second film is about to be shown at the Venice Biennale and is a terrific example of artistic productions of its kind.

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Disney posters and teasing dogs

I came across a series of original re-worked versions of Disney posters as done by an artist on tumblr working under the site name ‘The Art of Disney’. The majority of the stuff was quite average but there were a few that I liked

In other news – apparently I’m late to this party, but it’s still brilliant:

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