Who’s the Irishman?

An Irishman Abroad is a blog written by a twenty-something Irish youth who studied an ‘ology’ degree at an ancient Scottish university before making the stereotypical move to a bigger city to wear a suit daily and sell his soul to the Man.

When I travel, I write about where I am. When I’m not, I write about everything else.

Or something like that, anyway…

10 responses to “Who’s the Irishman?

  1. Someone linked me to this blog – and I just wanted to say thanks! It sums up exactly what we wanted to do with this night. So glad you had a good time!

    Seán, Milk&Cookie Stories.

  2. Ailsa

    I love reading this blog so much! Keep up the good work, Irishman!

  3. Rebecca

    I should be ferociously scribbling down an essay due in tomorrow morning, but instead I am having a cup of tea and enjoying your blog! It’s brilliantly written, so interesting and a great excuse to leave the study aside!

  4. I love the Irishman… he’s so sexy

  5. Rebecca

    Still loving it. Keep up the good work Irishman!

  6. Kudos to you. We are still living the life of “less than ordinary” with our world rally begining April 14 from NY City and we are 76 and 65 as driver and navigator in our ’67 Beetle. http://www.thelongroadtoparis.wordpress.com

  7. Hail the Irishman.

    Really thoughtful blog. I hope you keep getting bored. 😉

  8. I LOVED the VW ads! What a great car!

  9. excusememiss?

    irish lad. x

  10. ……can’t remember how I got here – but love this blog! Thank you

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