Films I look forward to seeing this Autumn

This is the best time of year for movies. Studios ditch the please-all Hollywood-style blockbusters which invariably fail in their efforts to please all and sundry, and instead focus on wowing the more cerebral audiences in the run-up to the Awards season.

Here are a couple I’ve already ear-marked for the Orange Wednesdays.

For anyone who, like me and my friend Rich, wants to marry Lady Sybil of Downton Abbey fame…

This one is of particular interest to me, because I’ve been a big fan of the odd-looking Eddie Redmayne (above) for years and he’s never properly ‘made it’, as it were. He walked past me as I was waiting for the bus on Sloane Square a couple of weeks ago. He went totally unnoticed.

I only want to see this after I’ve seen the stage version in the West End…


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  1. You can definitely look forward to seeing Drive, I’ve seen it twice already. Brilliant. Not perfect but brilliant all the same. Soundtrack’s amazing too. Thanks for the other suggestions. Will keep an eye out.

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