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When Amy Came To Dingle

This week, it was at last confirmed that Amy Winehouse, who died last August, had done so as a result of massive alcohol poisoning. The following short documentary was aired in Ireland about a month ago and features a small gig Winehouse did in a town called Dingle, on the Westernmost tip of Europe.

The presenter is none other than my favourite Irish DJ, Annie Mac and the stripped down style of the music shows Amy at her very best, just before she became one of the most famous, and hunted, women in the world. Between songs, snippets of the interview she did after the gig are both fascinating and tragic, given the downward spiral her life went into almost immediately afterwards.

It is worth nothing that, since her death, her final album Back to Black has become the bestselling British record of the 21st century.

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Julien Roberge does things I can’t do

Another example of things you never knew you couldn’t do but which, when you discover them, you feel useless for not being able to do them.

Extreme trampolining.

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The day it rained in Dublin

Over the weekend, it rained and rained and rained in my hometown. At one point, yesterday evening, a month’s worth fell in just under six hours. The resulting floods were pretty spectacular. Some of my friends were in Dundrum Shopping Centre where veritable Titanic-like scenes were recored on various cameras:

Aberdeen hasn’t had quite such an exciting time weather-wise however, it would seem the wind has picked up a little bit…

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Siri for iPhone

The new iPhone has a few good extras, but this one will blow your mind:

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This is how much you’re being lied to…

A couple of examples of how misled we are by the magic of airbrushing and photoshop.

I particularly like how Penelope Cruz, if anything, looks more beautiful in the non-photoshopped version. I also much prefer the un-tampered-with image of Madonna. She should have used the original, it would have made more of a statement.



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Films I look forward to seeing this Autumn

This is the best time of year for movies. Studios ditch the please-all Hollywood-style blockbusters which invariably fail in their efforts to please all and sundry, and instead focus on wowing the more cerebral audiences in the run-up to the Awards season.

Here are a couple I’ve already ear-marked for the Orange Wednesdays.

For anyone who, like me and my friend Rich, wants to marry Lady Sybil of Downton Abbey fame…

This one is of particular interest to me, because I’ve been a big fan of the odd-looking Eddie Redmayne (above) for years and he’s never properly ‘made it’, as it were. He walked past me as I was waiting for the bus on Sloane Square a couple of weeks ago. He went totally unnoticed.

I only want to see this after I’ve seen the stage version in the West End…

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Who knew Lady Gaga could actually sing?

I had always thought that, like Madonna or David Bowie, Lady Gaga was one of those unusual artists who had managed to by-pass the level of ordinary pop star and enter the realms of true mega star without the essential ingredient of a particularly impressive voice.

Up to this point, she has relied heavily on her personality, her notably impressive stage performance and those 8-minute-long videos.

However, this recent collaboration with jazz legend Tony Bennett shows off an impressive singing voice. Have a listen:

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