The Cube pop-up restaurant

Pop-up restaurants are experiencing a huge amount of attention at the moment, especially since summer is in full swing and, in London at least, that’s when most of them seem to appear.

My friend Jake is a chef at a well-known restaurant near London Bridge and, now that I’ve moved down from the wilds of Scotland, he has become my reference point for all things cool and current in the world of food and drink. He’s taken me to a couple of pop-up places like Frank’s Campari Bar in Peckham.

However, today I was speaking to a friend of mine about the phenomenon and he mentioned something altogether on another level. The Swedish appliance makers, Electrolux, have sponsored a massive publicity drive using the medium of the pop-up restaurant. The project is called The Cube.

The Cube is an especially designed restaurant with a capacity of just 18 diners. Electrolux are touring two such restaurants across Europe this summer in particularly high-profile and stunning locations such as the triumphal arch at the Parc Cinquantenaire in Brussels, where it launched its tour in April.

While the website states that the restaurants will be visiting Switzerland, Russia and Sweden, reports of a delay until next summer, at least for the Stockholm restaurant, suggest that it may be a while before The Cube comes closer to home. Imagine if they attached it to Big Ben? I’d eat dinner there.




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