Cravendale Milk ads

As regular readers may have remarked, I’m a very big fan of a clever/entertaining ad campaign. I don’t have a TV, so this often means I miss some of the better ones, but I came across the latest Cravendale campaign this morning and, after watching every single one of their ads, have decided it’s worthy of a blog post. In fact, I’ll probably do a couple of them. In this campaign, Cravendale and the advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy use stop motion to great comedic effect, introducing us to the Cravendale Trio: a one-legged pirate, a cow and a cyclist.

I may just switch milk brands.

This last one was accused of racism. Ha!



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2 responses to “Cravendale Milk ads

  1. Anne

    Reminds me of Father Ted – “drink”, “feck”

  2. Dude


    Think you would really appreciate these adverts’ origin:

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