What we subject our children to

Remember when Britney Spears kissed Madonna and the world’s parents were falling over each other in the rush to condemn her for her sordid and irresponsible actions which clearly didn’t take into consideration their innocent little offspring? I bet not one of those parents for a second stopped to think ‘Hey! What if I just turned off the television?’. Such a solution would be too simple, of course. Why feel guilty for subjecting your children to images of a sexual and unsuitable nature, when you could just spend your time whining and guiltlessly doing nothing instead?

Jonathan Hobin, an American art director and photographer has set up a series of pictures depicting children at play with games based on news events of the past few decades. The project, named In The Playroom imagines what kind of effect the media has on children now and in the future. They’re though-provoking, to say the least.

The Two Towers

Spring Break

Abu Ghraib

Seal clubbing

Dear Leader

Boxing Day 2005

Diana's Dead

American Idol

White Nights


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