April Fool’s Day prank ideas

If you’ve ever been the victim of  a seriously successful prank or practical joke, you’ll know that success of such things lies all in the planning.

Prank Wars was a series of competitive pranks executed by two staff members of the comedy website CollegeHumor, Streeter Seidell and Amir Blumenfeld. The wars gained worldwide media coverage after Blumenfeld staged a public marriage proposal to Seidell’s girlfriend on his behalf at half time at a New York Yankees game. This, and two other pranks by the CH pair can be viewed below. The parachute one is probably the most horrible trick I could ever imagine anyone playing on anybody.


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One response to “April Fool’s Day prank ideas

  1. Haha! I love a good prank. A former colleague and I had a year long back and forth going on wherein we hid a Swedish Fish sweetie in inconspicuous places in each others lives.

    I once found it inside a stick of deodrant in my house ( she had got into my gym bag and placed it the day before ) and I once removed the rollerball from inside her mouse and hid it in there.

    Pranks are one of my most favourite things ever, right up there with cake. But as for that parachute one…that’s just terrible..dangerous…I would’ve pooped.

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