Nike’s gaffe and the ensuing parodies

For those of you not familiar with European rugby, the Six Nations championship is an annual rugby union tournament involving six European sides: Italy, France, England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

This years tournament concluded on the 19th of March when France beat Wales at the Stade de France. The champions this year were England, who went undefeated until their final match, with Ireland, who beat the English soundly with a ‘surprise’ 24-8 victory. If a team goes through the entire tournament unbeaten, the victory is called a Grand Slam (Ireland achieved this in 2009, just saying).

Last Monday, a video by English rugby sponsors Nike was leaked on YouTube, showing an ad for the English team, presuming that it would win a Grand Slam. The incident caused great embarrassment both to England rugby and to Nike, but was a source of great mirth for many non-English rugby fans:

The inevitable parodies have already begun to crop up, this one was my favourite.


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