Fine weather and bicycle-eating trees

Today, Aberdeen is the hottest place in the United Kingdom and warmer than Ibiza. I could probably float, I’m so chuffed. Everybody’s been having lunch on the lawns around King’s College and not really working much. Sadly, it being the last week of my penultimate term, I have deadlines left, right and centre so the blog is the only break I’m allowed to take.

German artist Andrew Myers studied in California and has become known for his unusual artistic media, one of which is what he calls ‘screw art’. These are 3D portraits made with collections of small screws painstakingly painted nailed into wooden boards. The process sounds rather humdrum but the fruits of Myers’ labour are arresting, to say the least:

I’m not sure this is how I’d want my portrait done but it’s an interesting method nonetheless.

This photo is real and un-doctored. The tree in question stands near Loch Lomond in Scotland. It made me pause for a moment.

(Thanks, Kelly)


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