The hilarity of being Irish

The above facebook status tickled me rather a lot. Being Irish in the United Kingdom is a daily lesson is how to be treated like a cartoon leprechaun (my lecturer once greeted me with a cheerful ‘top o’ the morning to ya!’). Irish culture in general though, is a subject laced with opportunity for piss-taking – illustrated by one of my earlier posts.

Dara O’Briain (my favourite Irish comedian) tackles this superbly when dealing with the spiky issues of the Troubles and the still-apparent, though very mild, divides between the southern Irish Catholic and Protestant communities. I particularly enjoy his treatment of the subject of ‘mixed marriages’ between Catholics and Protestants, since I am the product of one myself. The differences are so minute, yet they can tend to be made a rather big deal of in Ireland. Enjoy!



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5 responses to “The hilarity of being Irish

  1. this made me chuckle, do people actually make you say stuff?!

  2. I pity you – but you should try living in the USA, it’s worse. I’ve seen many an Irish friend subjected to the stupidity of awful stereotype ‘quotes’ being thrown at them.
    I am from London and living in the US it happens ALL the time..never in my life have I said ‘Cheerio’ but no one here believes that. Ridiculous.

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