Louis Theroux’s Ultra-Zionists and Julie Burchill’s opinions

Julie Burchill (born 3 July 1959, Frenchay, Bristol) is an English writer and columnist known for her provocative comments. (This according to Wikipedia). This may be so, but the rest of her comments are just plain mad.

In an article in the Independent entitled ‘Post-imperial smugness that ignores history’ she declared the following:

It’s a great time to be a channel-surfing Zionist dupe. We wait years for a televisual demonisation of our beliefs – and then get two in a week! Louis Theroux’s documentary on Jewish settlers and Peter Kosminsky’s drama The Promise shared a similar bogus premise – that Zionism would be revealed in all its uniquely vile calumny.

I’d have had more time for both if they just acknowledged the fact the Jews built the country we call Israel centuries before Islam even existed. (“Revert”, not “convert” to Islam, my eye!) Keep perpetuating the myth that a bunch of white Europeans pranced out of the sea in the 1940s demanding a land in a foreign region, you half-witted Jew-baiters, when the fact is the Israelites were in the Middle East from the start.

Yes, I KNOW it’s puzzling that such a small. persecuted tribe can keep surviving, thriving and achieving the way the Hebrews do – such as, winning the Nobel Prize: 22 per cent of recipients from a world population of 0.2 per cent: how’d they do that? – but just because so many of us Gentiles aren’t up to scratch, is that any reason to nag the Jews indefinitely?

In both Kosminsky’s and Theroux’s baseline attitude to the Israelites who rejected the endless trials of the Diaspora and made it home, there is the same post-Imperial smugness, seen when William Hague tells Israel to behave. Butt out, bulldog – whatever Israel does, old Blighty’s say-so is unlikely to be a factor. This border skirmish was settled long ago.

Incidentally, the documentary by Louis Theroux of which Burchill speaks is one of the most impressive pieces of film about the situation in the West Bank. He travels around one of the most disputed territories on the planet, meeting both sides (Jewish Israelis and Muslim Arabs). Regardless of your previous opinions on the subject, the one hour film is a serious eye-opener.


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