The man who designed the Great British telephone box and photographs of what he did next…

You will all be familiar with the symbolic red telephone box, shown above in street artist Banksy’s vandalised parody. Kiosk No. 2 (K2) was the second of a series of designs of public telephone booths produced in the early 20th century, and is the design which went on to become symbolic of Great Britain.

The man behind the design was Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, who was also responsible for a number of incredibly striking constructions. His mixture of Gothic with modernism turned many of his works from what would otherwise have been rather functionally designed buildings into popular landmarks.

His ‘brick cathedrals’ are not necessarily to everyone’s taste, they certainly look more than a little gloomy. I think they’re kind of wondrous.

Cambridge University Library

His Liverpool Anglican Cathedral is absolutely stunning, especially since its elevated position works very well with the whole ‘God is great(er than you)’ effect.

I don’t know about you, but if that was my local church, I’d probably go more often.

Bankside Power Station, which was built in 1952 and generated power until 1985, when it was shut and refurbished. It is now more commonly known as the Tate Modern.

And last but not least – one of the great symbols of mid-20th century industrial Britain: Battersea Power Station.



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2 responses to “The man who designed the Great British telephone box and photographs of what he did next…

  1. vanimator

    Amazing architecture… great post.
    Thanks for the share.


  2. Anne

    Most interesting piece

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