Impressive interview with an anti-government protester at Tahrir Square, Cairo

The story of civil unrest in Egypt over the past week has been a recurring theme on the news and online media generally.

The ‘Papyrus Revolution’, as it is now being called, is a series of ongoing protests, unprecedented in scale, which have been staged across Egypt in many of the major cities including Luxor, Alexandria, Cairo and Suez. The participants are from every socio-economic background and creed – this is a true people’s’ revolution, although it has been largely peaceful so far.

Grievances for Egyptian protesters have focused on legal and political issues including police brutality, ‘state of emergency’ laws, lack of free elections and free speech (the nation has been under dictatorship for the past three decades) and corruption. As well as this, economic issues including high unemployment, food price inflation, and low minimum wages have served only to make the situation more volatile. Demands from protest organizers include rights of freedom and justice, the end of the Hosni Mubarak regime, and a new government that represents the interests of the Egyptian people. Basically – they want democracy.

Today, one million people converged at Tahrir Square in Cairo (photo above) to protest.

This interview with a young woman protester is as impressive as it is inspiring. She is well spoken, fluent and focused in what she has to say and is adamant that peaceful protest is the best tactic.

‘Those who make peaceful protest impossible will make violent protest inevitable’  – John F. Kennedy


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One response to “Impressive interview with an anti-government protester at Tahrir Square, Cairo

  1. Rebecca

    She’s a great woman, it’s a pity that the interviewer wasn’t better! He asks stupid questions!

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