Adele sings to Britain from the Live Lounge at Maida Vale

The wonderful thing about not rushing from house to library every day is that I can now appreciate mornings again, and all the delights they have to offer. One of these is the mid-morning Live Lounge segment on BBC Radio 1.

The Live Lounge began under the auspices of the famous DJ Jo Whiley in the early noughties and has since become something of a cultural phenomenon. The show invites well-known artists to come and perform in-studio in an acoustic format. The usual set up involves one of the artist’s own songs and a cover song of their choice. Some of the results have been stunning, Amy Winehouse’s Valerie comes to mind, as does jazz crooner Jamie Cullum’s cover of Frontin‘ by Pharrell – which ultimately led to Cullum being signed to Pharrell’s record label.

This morning was somewhat different, as it was a Live Lounge special (half an hour long) featuring Adele. Adele’s been on the scene for quite some time. Having released her debut album 19 (her age at the time) in 2007, she was awarded a BRIT People’s Choice Award. Since then, she has often been tipped for great success which never seemed to happen. It looks like this time, with her second album (21), she may well make it. The record is outselling all the others in the UK Top Ten this week put together.

Her performance this morning was sensational. Heart-breaking vocals and soulful guitar riffs were the order of the day, and even as I sat listening with my flatmates, I was receiving messages on my phone saying ‘Turn on your radio, quick!’. I have a feeling this may go down as one of those great radio moments.

I can’t find any recordings on the internet except for BBC iPlayer. As far as I know, radio shows on iPlayer play outside the UK so this link should work wherever you’re reading from. The Live Lounge segment lasts about thirty minutes. Well worth the listen if you have the time.


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