The li(n)e of beauty

I was once told , when I asked a grown-up why women made less money than men did even though it was unfair: “because they don’t ask for more”.

This answer stuck with me – more than anything else, because it was probably true. Women are notorious for under-selling themselves, for being overly modest about their abilities or their worth in the work place – ironically, possibly fearing the judgement of other women. We see examples everywhere, there’s even a Women’s Earning Institute in America, set up to encourage women to recognise their own value and act accordingly. The idea of such an establishment for men is laughable.

This social process is certainly changing, but those who claim that it is diminishing are deluded. Women have enjoyed equal political rights for generations now, yet for every woman sitting in the House of Commons there are four and a half men. This is a cultural problem which starts early.

The following short film (it’s only a minute long) puts across a very important point. If the answer to the problem of female equality is to push girls to recognise their own value, what does our obsession with female beauty tell us about ourselves? What kind of impression of the world are we painting for young women? 

Sarah Palin would not be where she is today if she’d been ugly.


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One response to “The li(n)e of beauty

  1. ailsa

    so, in actual fact, i can look like kate moss and you can look like james franco? my! how underestimated we are…
    nice work irishman. xxx

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