Queen Mother Library – The place where my happiness goes to die

It’s my birthday and I’ve spent the day in Queen Mother Library working on my dissertation which isn’t due for another three months. Sadly, there’s nothing else to do because Aberdeen University is in the midst of Exam Fear and nobody will even go for a celebratory pint with me.

I’m writing about class and the work of Pierre Bourdieu – this photograph pretty much sums it up:

I was sent a link to Burberry’s The Art of the Trench project today, and I’m fairly sure my next big purchase is going to have to be a Burberry coat.

Maybe I’ll get one for cheap at Armstrong’s of Edinburgh.

Anyway – I’m off to the cinema, but check out this clip of comedian/gymnast Larry Griswold in a routine he performed on the Frank Sinatra Show in 1961. It improved my birthday immensely.

So did this.


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