Black Swan’s poster series by La Boca

A friend of mine showed me Darren Aronofsky’s latest film Black Swan last night. It stars Natalie Portman and the stunning Mila Kunis as two ballerinas in a New York ballet company preparing for a new production of Swan Lake, choosing to cast a newcomer as both the Black and White Swans.

The film is a terrific psychological thriller with both actresses giving tremendous performances, Portman especially – she will undoubtedly be nominated for an Oscar this year for the role.

My last post showcased book-cover versions of movie posters for famous films and coincidentally, Black Swan‘s distributors did something in the same vein. Since the film does not open in the UK for another couple of months, they released a series of four art deco-inspired posters, probably with the intention of maintaining interest in the movie until its release.

The posters, produced by London-based design company La Boca, are absolutely beautiful. Definitely art deco in style, they seem reminiscent of some of the posters advertising the Ballets Russe which toured the world from 1909 and 1929.


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