The fun/cool things people do with cameras

I don’t know anything about Sean Teegarden, the internet yields very little. His pictures are beautiful, though. The portraits in particular, I found very arresting.

Pencil vs Camera is the simple idea of superimposing pencilled drawings of the world (or versions of it) onto landscape photographs. The Flickr account belongs to Belgian artist Ben Heine who originally hails from Cote d’Ivoire.

As a childhood fan of Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupery, I felt no other example of Heine’s work could be more appropriate for this blog.

Finally – one of the things I notice more and more, the more time I spend with people who take photographs regularly is that it is so much more about one’s ‘eye’ than I had originally thought. The photographer must, first and foremost, have an idea of what he wants the end result to be. This is exemplified beautifully in this Flickr account, devoted solely to photos of the trails made by moths flying around lights.

I freely admit that such an idea would simply never have occurred to me.


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