The Rubberbandits for Christmas Number 1!

I’m clearly a bit slow on the uptake but I’ve been essay-writing. The song shown below is called “Horse Outside” by the Irish comedy group Rubberbandits who hail from Limerick, where I went to boarding school. Its video features a wedding scene with the singer trying to persuade the beautiful bridesmaid (Irish model Madeline Mulqueen, above) that even though some of the other men vying for her affections may have souped-up cars, he’s the best option because he has a ‘horse outside’. Simple and ridiculous, it’s a clever send-up of Irish boy-racer culture and Limerick stereotypes in general.

Apparently there’s been some controversy as the chaplain of the church used in the video, situated at the University of Limerick, has said that: “They got permission to use the space in the university but I wasn’t clear at the time as to exactly the nature of the filming”. I’d love to know what yarn they spun for him.

There has been a big campaign at home in Ireland to get the single to number 1 for Christmas this year and I have a feeling it may well happen. Scary what an economic downturn will do to a nation, eh?

Fun fact: the girl at 1:16 in the video, doing her make-up, is a friend of mine from school who I haven’t seen in years. Bit of a shock.


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