Since snow kills fun, here are some fun things you can do instead…

You could check out this amusing clip of the Irish Government apologising for the banking crisis, released by Tiger Reborn – an internet lobby group (it would appear) whose “Primary objective is to produce smart solution based blueprints that will deliver soul inspiring vision, a happier quality of life, a sustainable thriving economy and a completely new type of political service for the citizens of Ireland.”

If you’ve already seen it (and if you’re Irish, you probably have) then you can check out London-based photographer Dan Wilton‘s blog instead. My friend Mark tells me he’s worked with Mark’s cousin – some of his stuff id beautiful (especially the photos of Secret Garden Party). I also very much respect his appreciation of dogs.

Or you could just check out the amount of INSANELY cool Christmas jumpers the internet has to offer…

That last one takes the cake.

Apparently it’s 31°C and sunny in Zanzibar. This is a photograph taken recently by friends of friends, Moshi during a black out with Kilimanjaro in the background.


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