Balmedie Beach and Danny MacAskill

Having thrashed out a whopping 2,000 words in a day, I’m rewarding myself with a walk on Balmedie Beach this weekend.

In the same (Scottish) spirit, I want to share a video about a man called Danny MacAskill.

One of my best friends studied Architecture at the Edinburgh College of Art and shared this (now famous) link with me at the beginning of summer last year. Apparently the star of the video could often be seen doing outrageously impressive stunts on his bike around Edinburgh. The video garnered a huge amount of attention and as a result, MacAskill gave up his job a s a mechanic to ride professionally.  He’s appeared in the new Volkswagen Estate advert and in this video he travels from Edinburgh to his hometown of Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye.

It was uploaded yesterday and already has about 90,000 hits.

Apart from the obvious spectacle of MacAskill’s skill on a bike – notice how incredibly beautiful Scotland is. I just love this place.


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