Beautiful Buildings – Extraordinary churches

Both my parents have degrees coming out of their ears. Naturally, as a result, they’re able to answer a lot of my more random questions and I have tended to absorb knowledge from them throughout my life. Like most people, I’m sure, a huge amount of what I know and am familiar with comes from my parents. When my mother did an M.Phil in Art History a few years ago, her main area of research was in ecclesiastical art. During this time, I was surrounded by pictures of beautiful churches and the art inside them.

I have always thought there was something particular special about ecclesiastical architecture – churches built by believers completely in awe of the God they were building for, often funded by men of unimaginable power and influence. This list, which I found whilst searching for material on my thesis, contains photos of fifty unusual and incredible churches and cathedrals situated all around the world. Here are a few samples:

The last photo should definitely be entitled ‘Oil is God’.



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3 responses to “Beautiful Buildings – Extraordinary churches

  1. kaye

    Where is the church is first photo here?

  2. kaye

    That should have read – where is the church in the first photo? thanks

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