Take Ivy

In the mid-1960s, a Japanese photographer by the name of Teruyoshi Hayashida travelled New England taking candid photographs of students on the campuses of the eight elite Ivy League universities. The publication of the photographs in a book, named Take Ivy, in Japan in 1965 set off an explosion of American-influenced “Ivy Style’ clothing, especially in the upscale Ginza shopping district in Tokyo. The series beautifully encapsulates the unique academic fashion of the era, although it would go far to make the soon-to-be-coined ‘preppy’ style one of the great looks of the second half of the 20th century. To this day, many of the key pieces of clothing such as madras trousers and collared polo-shirts are part of an easily-recognisable style, worn by members of the elite in the West.

I just think the pictures are awesome.

What is very noticeable about this series is how timeless they seem, this could very well be a recent shoot for a menswear magazine. In fact, I would happily wear most of the stuff in the photos.

Take Ivy was released in the United States for the first time on August the 31st, 2010. I’m finding it on Amazon.


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