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TED Prize-winner “JR”

JR is the name of an as-yet unidentified French street artist who was recently awarded the coveted TED Prize, having started out in the banlieues of Paris. His work has appeared all over the world in the form of large black and white photographic images fly-posted in surprising public locations much in the same way as graffiti art appropriates built environments. JR’s work “often challenges widely held preconceptions and the reductive images propagated by advertising and the media.”

“The TED Prize is awarded annually to an exceptional individual who receives $100,000 and, much more important, ‘One Wish to Change the World.’ Designed to leverage the TED community’s exceptional array of talent and resources, the Prize leads to collaborative initiatives with far-reaching impact”.

Here’s a five-minute introduction to the man behind the art, as presented by TED:

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The Snowman dubstep remix

It’s been snowing all day but I don’t care anymore because I have found the best possible tune to go with the weather.

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I wanna be yours – John Cooper Clarke (the man behind the hairstyle)

The first time I heard of John Cooper Clarke was in an interview with Arctic Monkeys when they were still touring for their first album Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not. Alex Turner mentioned him as one of his great influences and that Cooper was his favourite poet in school. When I looked him up, I found one of my favourite poems ever.

Clarke (born 1949, in Salford) is a performance poet who is considered to be a major figure in punk poetry and the punk literature movement. During the heyday of punk music in the late 1970s and early 1980s, Clarke opened for such acts as The Sex Pistols, Joy Division and Siouxsie and The Banshees. Since then he’s continued working solidly. This is I Wanna Be Yours.

I Wanna Be Yours

I wanna be your vacuum cleaner
Breathing in your dust,
I wanna be your Ford Cortina
I will never rust,
If you like your coffee hot
Let me be your coffee pot,
You call the shots,
I wanna be yours.

I wanna be your raincoat
For those frequent rainy days,
I wanna be your dreamboat
When you want to sail away,
Let me be your teddy bear
Take me with you anywhere,
I don’t care
I wanna be yours.

I wanna be your electric meter
I will not run out,
I wanna be the electric heater
You’ll get cold without,
I wanna be your setting lotion
Hold your hair in deep devotion,
Deep as the deep Atlantic ocean
that’s how deep is my devotion.


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A Scottish victory and an Irish WIN!

Disregarding the sub-zero temperatures and bitter wind chills typical of Aberdeen’s current weather situation, a big group of us trudged through the snow to Pittodrie Stadium this afternoon to watch the Scotland vs. Samoa game. Scotland were victorious, 19-16, with a last-gasp penalty by Ruaraidh Jackson.

In other news, an estimated 100,000 people marched in Dublin today to protest the government’s plans to cut €15bn from the national budget over the next four years. I’ve never heard of a protest so big in Ireland before, though it seems to have gone without a hitch. Gardai say no arrests were made, which suggests the atmosphere wasn’t particularly volatile. This makes sense, considering the hilarity of this AWESOME double-sided sign:

Meanwhile, PJ Gallagher compares Ireland to the island on Lost:

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Old men sitting at a bar

When you hear that a photographer went around taking photographs of old men in bars, you don’t immediately shiver with anticipation at the potential wonders you might behold. That’s because old men in bars in the British Isles are a pretty unimpressive lot in comparison to their Italian counterparts.

Paduan photographer Piero Martinello did just that in a recent project, the products of which are pretty stunning.

This photo in particular, I found captivating. I want to be photographed like this when I’m eightysomething.

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Irish Times article reminding us of the good stuff

With all the bad press Ireland’s been getting recently, I was rather hoping somebody would say something cheerful about the place, and it turns out they have done. The Irish Times asked Twitter for the best things about Ireland, regardless of the economic crisis and the compliments came in thick and fast!

Check the full article here.

Some of my favourites include:

– Your mother’s conversations that start with “Do you know who’s dead?”

– The Irish saved civilisation. (Sadly they then invested it in Anglo Irish Bank.)

And one which relates to many of my friends and certainly to me:

– Never letting the truth get in the way of a good story.

In other news: this photo of schoolgirls surrounding a police van during today’s student protests I found particularly striking.

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Google Translate FAIL

I think even those of you who haven’t a clue about the Irish language will be able to recognise the fact that Google Translate got this a little bit wrong…

When I asked for permission to use this photo, my friend Montana ahem, sorry – Hannah, said “Do what you like… I no longer trust Google”.

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