The things I let myself get talked into…

This is Ciara Ryan, the sabbatical President of Charities this year at the University of Aberdeen. I met Ciara first when she signed up to climb Mt Kilimanjaro with my society about two years ago. In the mean time we have become good friends, traveling round East Africa together, climbing superlative mountains and campaigning to get her elected to her current position.

Usually, I wouldn’t be much bothered to climb mountains in Scotland. It’s not so much the climbing as the rain. The Three Pap Challenge (a charity event which involves climbing three Scottish breast-shaped mountains in a weekend) was, therefore, not really what could be considered my ‘thing’. However, Ciara kind of rushed me into it so that when the time came, I couldn’t back out – clever girl. The next thing I knew I was huddled into a minivan at ridiculous o’clock on a Saturday morning with a bunch of super-keen medical students who had been drinking since God-knows-when. Within 48 hours, we had ascended Bennachie, Lochnagar and finally, the Pap of Glencoe, from the summit of which could be beheld the most spectacular views over Loch Leven and Glencoe.

And another couple from the weekend in general:


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One response to “The things I let myself get talked into…

  1. Ciara

    What an amazing weekend! I am so glad I talked you into it 😉 Hope your doing great xxx

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