Serpentine Gallery with Hubie and Charlotte

I’ve been in London for the last couple of days and yesterday met up with friends of mine from prep school, Hubie and Charlotte:


We went to the Serpentine Gallery in Kensington Gardens, where they were showing work by the photographer Wolfgang Tillmans. The gallery is absolutely tiny, but since we were barely there ten minutes, I didn’t really mind.

That big one on the left of the folded piece of metal was my favourite. It’s very simple but I imagine having it hanging  in my sitting room would make my life so much better.

Fun facts: every year, the Serpentine Gallery commissions an architect to design a pavilion which they have open for the entire summer. There have been a few famous names including Zaha Hadid (who designed the Berginsel ski jump at Innsbruck) and Oscar Niemeyer (who did many of the main buildings in Brasilia, Brazil).

This year, they commissioned the French architect Jean Nouvel, who designed the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis:

Nouvel’s Serpentine pavilion is completely red and a really awesome place to chill with friends you haven’t seen in a while:


And here’s how they built it:


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