Rob O’Connor and the things he can do with yoghurt

I’m not much of a photography fanatic, but over the years I have begun to figure out the simple things: like why a DSLR camera creates prettier photos than say, the £49.99 jobby you picked up in Argos. Having a good friend studying at the Edinburgh College of Art also means that I have recently spent more time than I usually would in the presence of beautiful photographs and the people who take them. As a result, I now pay attention to photographs a little more than I once did.

While pottering about online, I discovered this photo of a friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend:

That blue stuff flying through the air is yoghurt mixed with dye.

I don’t know about you, but I found this image thoroughly arresting. The contrast of colour is brilliant. It makes me want to be photographed like that.

The photographer is a 28 year-old Irishman called Rob O’Connor who specialises in sports and creative photography. He currently works for Cricket Ireland and Leinster Rugby Club. He was named Sports Photographer of the Year 2009 at the 3 Mobile Student Media Awards. In May, he exhibited his work at The Joinery in Dublin.

I took a while to trawl through his work. Here are some of  my favourites:

And here are a couple that aren’t quite so food-related…

Check out the rest here.


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