A night in Kathmandu

On Thursday, we decided to make a night of it and bought vodka/mixers before settling down in the hotel garden for some drinking and chats with the other residents of the establishment, including Thor, a guitar-playing hippie from Denmark and Elle, a leggy blond biomed student from Belgium. Before heading out, we had consumed the majority of the drinks we needed for the night and then walked the short distance from Kathmandu Garden Hotel to the Reggae bar in Thamel. The Reggae bar apparently serves multiple purposes: that of European Club, of live music venue, of social rendez-vous point and scenario for pretty much every weed-related transaction in town. There’s a roof-top shisha bar – the smell of weed up there knocks you sideways.

There is also a downstairs nightclub which, needless to say, we made a bee-line for and began ordering drinks with the rest of the CRI people present (i.e. most of Newcastle and several Nottinghamians who hadn’t gone home yet). The night was warming up, and Aberdeen headed out onto the dance floor in order to drop some moves and basically make everyone else in the room look bad, when all of a sudden – the lights came on. All the Europeans in the place began looking around confused, wondering had there been some sort of electrical fault. Then, a man stood up and we watched in horror as he announced that clubs in Kathmandu close at half past twelve on a week night.

As the whole club spilled out onto the street, rickshaw drivers jockeyed for clients among the throng and several rather nasty fights broke out. In the noise and confusion, we somehow managed to organise ourselves. Aberdeen began to travel in convoy to Casino Nepal, where apparently everything was complimentary so long as we played. Deal!

The cocktails were lethal and I’ve never played roulette before but I managed to win a couple of hundred Rs. Sam and I had dinner/breakfast at about 5am before grabbing Marina and jumping in a taxi which clearly didn’t know where it was going, abandoning it and then traipsing through the monsoon rains to bed.


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