Where I am now

We eventually had to tear ourselves from the wonders of cheap booze, food and accommodation in Pokhara and return to smoky, noisy Kathmandu.

We arrived yesterday afer a 6 hour bumpy bus journey in an over-heated coach blasting insipid Indian music. We decided to economise and shoved 5 people into a standard sized KTM taxi (a Suzuki Maruti) which would generally struggle to accommodate 4 Nepalis let alone five tall white men:

Hey! A penny saved is a penny earned.

I was worried that, since I’m in a Third World country with very limited access to electronic communications, I might be missing out on important goings-on at home. Luckily, my friend Caelainn is sending me regular updates about the REALLY important stuff:

Caelainn’s working for a news channel in Kashmir at the moment, so with the resulting curfews, she has a lot of time on her hands, it would seem.

Thanks Hogan!


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