Day 10 – Gorakshep (5,180m) – Pheriche (4,371m) – Sunday 27th of June

Sophie and I were woken at 4am by the porters next door to us playing bloody music on their phones. Grr.

A few people got up at half four to go to Kala Pathar, in the hope of seeing a better view of Everest. I was so not arsed, since my main ambition for the trek was to reach Base Camp, though a couple of people, Garam especially, had desperately wanted to behold Everest in all it’s glory. You can see the top of it from the door of the lodge – good enough for me!


We had breakfast late and set off around half nine. We all very much resented having to stop for lunch two hours later (myself in particular). We all dream of meat: chicken, steak, tomato, Greek salad and Sprite have all been oft-repeated in our verbose fantasies. After lunch (standard fried rice and chips) we headed downwards into the valley. The group thinned out and we kept to ourselves, lost in our own thoughts. The surroundings, once we got into the valley of Pheriche could have been the Outer Hebrides. Pastures green and U-shaped valleys galore. The entire way down all I had in my head was the hymn ‘Jerusalem’.

The accommodation at Pheriche was luxurious in comparison to what we’ve had of late. We even got a special treat of veggie burgers for dinner. Bliss! Played charades against Newcastle – we would have won but Kelly, being fidgety, absent-mindedly shuffled the cards we were using to mark the points. Mare!

There was a great show-down before bed between Aberdeen and Newcastle regarding ‘Ginger’ the stray dog who’s been with us since Lukla. He whines at night and we decided to kick him out, so we dragged him by the scruff of the neck. He whined, and many of the Newcastle people began to object saying it was ‘harsh’ and ‘cruel’. Yawn.

In the end, he was locked out.


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