Day 6 – Tengboche (3,867m) – Dingboche (4,350m) – Wednesday 23rd of June

This was probably one of the easiest days of trekking we’ve had so far in terms of the gradient. We covered a lot of ground and broke the 4,000m barrier. Lunch was outside because bloody Newcastle got to the tea house before us. The result was some awful sunburn for many of us. Since my neck is already peeling, I kept my buff around my neck and ears all day. The drie4d skin itches terribly and doesn’t help when I’m trying to sleep.

We finished the day early – quarter to three. – but the village was cloudy and I was in an awful mood, have been ever since. My appetite is nil and I’m dog tired. The rooms are very cold which, having trekked higher than this in tents before, I can deal with but the combination of everything else has worn me down. Another difficulty of the trek is the length. Nobody here has trekked more than a week and it’s day 6 with another 7 to go. Corrugations in the landscape mean that, frustratingly, you can climb for several hours only to realise at the top that the place you’re sleeping is at the bottom of the hill.

I’ve been telling anyone in the group who has moaned excessively to take a good dose of ‘Man The Fuck Up’ juice. Looks like I’ll be needing some of that myself.


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One response to “Day 6 – Tengboche (3,867m) – Dingboche (4,350m) – Wednesday 23rd of June

  1. Niamh

    pet you are amazing !
    these are your memories for life so dont forget to smile 😉

    xxx Niamh

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