Day 2 – Lukla (2,860m) – Phakding (2,600m) – Saturday 19th of June

First day of the trek, took four hours to get to the small village of Phakding with regular rests. We dropped 200 metres today altogether. The group is still in a generally good mood overall and clearly a more boisterous group than Newcastle who are now trekking with us due to their delays.

Speaking of high spirits, Rod Low has not disappointed us – keeping the bunch laughing with his top-notch banter. Thank God  we have him, have a feeling he may become more and more valuable as the trip goes on. Otherwise, the participants seem to be getting on very well together – always a worry  with treks like this.

Dinner was yak with rice and onion soup – delish.

Rooming with Daryah tonight, the lodges on this trek are so much more luxurious than the tents of Kilimanjaro.


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