From Nepal with love!

Things to know about the flight from London to Kathmandu via Delhi:

1. The flight is at 9:30 PM, not AM which means that passengers do NOT need to arrive at Heathrow at half five in the morning.

2. Delhi is the most stiflingly hot place on Earth but the service on Air India is exceptional, especially when you have moved seats on the half-empty flight so many times that you end up leaving your camera under a seat. That’s when they really come into their own.

3. You won’t sleep.

At all.

We arrived into KTM at around 4 in the evening and had the ritual welcoming with prayer scarves from our guides before being led to the bus, all the while being heckled by would-be bag ‘porter’ i.e. thieves. Kathmandu is the most bustling city I’ve ever been to. It is very much unlike Africa where to be White is to be constantly reminded of that fact. In Nepal, you’re just a tourist.

The streets are paved, but they still have street children.Electricity is freely available but the electric wires hang down low over the roads and look desperately unstable. We’re staying at the (comparatively) luxurious Hotel Tibet near Thamel and we leave tomorrow for the plane to Lukla at 5 in the morning.




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2 responses to “From Nepal with love!

  1. Anne

    Who are the three people in the photo?

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