I’ve just discovered Lady Gaga’s secret

Lady Gaga, as far as I’m concerned, is the next Madonna. She’s big right now and she’s going to be huge. HUGE!

Her latest video, ‘Alejandro’, discussed in an earlier post, has so far had nearly 6 million hits in its first 24 hours and some. She’s only (really) been going about two years and she’s sold 55 million records worldwide, which, in this age of digital music and illegal downloading, is incredibly impressive. She’s also been in the TIME 100 most influential people in the world. For those not familiar with regulars on that list, we’re talking Oprah., Steve Jobs and Barack Obama.

But check this out – her music is basically easy-listen pop music with fairly irresistible hooks. Which is nothing new, any great musician, especially in pop, can offer us this. But, as always, the picture = the thousand words and image is everything. This is where Gaga essentially combines her musical talent with near-exact copies of Helmut Newton photographs. Newton’s work looks like this:

Newton was a German Jew at the wrong time in the 20th century. The constant themes in his work were sex, war, the erotic and industrial/urban images. Gaga has all of these in her latest video, and most of them are staples of her style.

All of this amalgamated into one added with the advent of story-line music videos of serious length and, it would appear, budget (apparently led completely by Gaga herself) I believe are signifying a new era in popular music.

God, I’m such a fanboy.


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One response to “I’ve just discovered Lady Gaga’s secret

  1. La

    the video is directed by steven meisel, probably the best fashion photographer in the world

    (eg. he has done the majority of Italian Vogue covers for the last 20years –

    this is his first foray into video i think. while its newtony in styling, its more meisel in tone.

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