I’m not sure that there’s really any point in just re-hashing Madonna


Lady Gaga released her most recent video (nearly 9 minutes long, of course) yesterday.

It. Is. Incredible. It’s equally as entertaining as its predecessor, ‘Telephone’ with Beyonce. But this latest offering is something altogether a cut above. It is a visual feast, nay – a visual orgy. I don’t think the story actually goes anywhere, but then again perhaps it’s not meant to. While the video might not be the video of the summer, I would say the song could well be. Until now I had never thought of Gaga as anything more than just another artist, albeit one that knew how to catch the eye. After this, I really have started to think maybe she could go on and on.

Check it:

Also – could the woman cater to the LGBT audience any more? There are countless throw-backs to Madonna which shouldn’t need pointing out. But other less obvious nods include Cabaret, the Weimar Republic in general, men in stilettos (when they’re dancing all up on the beds), and correct me if I’m wrong but the Gag definitely seems to be working a very Isabella Blow-esque look in there too.

What a woman. And because she’s a Sacred Heart girl, my Mum loves her too.



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One response to “I’m not sure that there’s really any point in just re-hashing Madonna

  1. Lala

    there is an interesting subculture of them gays who disagree with gaga’s catering to the gay community vibe. in madonna’s time her spotlighting of the gay community and practically every alternative lifestyle she could shake a whip at was seen as progressive and educational to many within and outside of her target audience of them gays. it was also a genius strategy to sell records.

    gaga has received backlash for what some people see as exploiting the gay community for marketing value. openly (and from the rooftop-ly) bisexual at the beginning of the hype she sold records on the basis that she was a ‘freak’. her freakiness entailed among other things the fact that she was so trisexual and all the tranny rumours. she didnt deny them and media interest soared. while again a genius way to sell records, one can see how this could be seen as exploitative – ‘im a tranny and bisexual (ergo a freak as the media interpereted it) isnt that fucked up, buy my shit’. she has since stopped commenting on her sexuality as a response to this backlash.

    while madonna made music inspired by and catered to the gay community, gaga’s music and videos are seen by the 8 gays in the world not enthralled as unrightful claims to a genre she doesn’t belong to and uses for personal gain.

    love the song, total rip off of ace of base, but love it.

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