Well clearly James Cooney has the right idea…

This is the sight that greeted me this afternoon when I had just finished my final exam of the year and logged on to facebook. James Cooney = some man for one man.

And that’s it! I’m finished for the summer and ahead of me lies a season of sun, sand, mountains and trekking as well as an AMAZING internship with the Childreach International charity at  their East African offices in Moshi, Tanzania.

I’m hopefully going to get hold of a camera before I set off round the world, so as to be able to fill you all in on the incredible sights I see.

Next up though, is a hardcore session of bag-packing and flat-cleaning/moving. Then a night of heavy celebration with a ceilidh at the Blue Lamp and probably on to Warehouse to wage war on the liver.

And tomorrow, we hit Argyll with Rowly for a weekend of chillaxation in Kintyre.

God, I love summer!


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